This method adds a new item to a Workspace in the DM library. The item can be a document, folder, URL or quick search. DST must be provided.

Note: In order to add an item of the type qsearch, ensure that the item has the correct security (with regards to user permissions) to be viewed in the desired target Workspace. Without correct permissions, the item won’t appear.


libraryeDOCS libraryString
userUser nameString
passwordUser passwordString
workspaceNameName of the target Workspace.String
docNumberDocument number. Only one document number is allowed.String
propertiesMetadata list to be modified in the profile. Fields and values must be correct and must exist in the DM lookup tables.
urlNameName or description of the URL.String
dbSchemaDatabase schema. By default is set to “DOCSADM” if an empty string is passed.String
clientOptional parameter for the client codeString
projectOptional parameter for the project codeString

Rest Invoke

  • http://localhost:port/GSService/xml/ or http://localhost:port/GSService/json/
  • UriTemplate:
    • “/AddWorkspacesItem/?library={library}&user={user}&password={password}&workspaceName={workspaceName}&properties={properties}&urlName={urlName}&dbSchema={dbSchema}&client={client}&project={project}”
    • “/AddWorkspacesItemDST/?library={library}&user={user}&dst={dst}&workspaceName={workspaceName}&properties={properties}&urlName={urlName}&dbSchema={dbSchema}&client={client}&project={project}”


http://localhost:8732/GSService/xml/AddWorkspacesItem/?library=DMTESTLEGAL&user=admin&password=owc123&workspaceName=prueba&properties=45 675www.google.esquicksearchname&urlName= www.google.es &dbSchema=DOCSADM

The method returns 0 if the item has been added into the Workspace or an error.

DST Example

http://localhost:8732/GSService/xml/AddWorkspacesItemDST/?library=DMTESTLEGAL&user=admin&dst=afd448a5d0f9b...55355b8c677ad16&workspaceName=prueba&properties=45 675www.google.esquicksearchname&urlName= www.google.es &dbSchema=DOCSADM


Check the edocs.log file if errors arise in the add process.