It allows to upload a new document into the library.DST must be provided.


pathPath of the document to upload (the WCF Service account must
have access to the path where the document is saved so to upload
documents, first separately upload the content to that location
and then use this method to upload the document from there to the DM library).
The “Network Service” group must have “Read and Execution” permissions on the server folder where the document is stored.
formThe name of the form used to create new folders.String
libraryeDOCS libraryString
userUser nameString
passwordUser passwordString
propertiesThis parameter represents all the properties must be provided to create a document on the library and they are defined on the profile. Properties must be passed as a string.String
clientOptional parameter for the client codeString
projectOptional parameter for the project codeString


  • By default the new document is created without security.
  • To specify the extension of a document, it is necessary to include the FILE_EXTENSION tag into the properties parameter.
    For instance, <FILE_EXTENSION>docx</FILE_EXTENSION>

Rest Invoke

  • http://localhost:port/GSService/xml/ or http://localhost:port/GSService/json/
  • UriTemplate:
    • “/UploadDocument/?path={path}&form={form}&library={library}&user={user}&password={password}&properties={properties}&client={client}&project={project}”
    • “/UploadDocumentDST/?path={path}&form={form}&library={library}&user={user}&dst={dst}&properties={properties}&client={client}&project={project}”



The method returns the new document number if it has been properly uploaded into the library.

DST Example



If the process fails, different errors could be returned (-6 value means security access problems, review permissions on the folder where the document is placed). Detailed errors can be found in the error log. See Appendix D  for more information about the edocs.log file.