It allows to create a relation between two elements (documents or folders). The relations are created one by one so transitivity is not applied. I.e., if “A” is related with “B” and then “B” is related with “C” that does not mean that “A” is automatically related with “C”. DST must be provided.


libraryeDOCS libraryString
userUser nameString
passwordUser passwordString
documentADoc number of document A.String
documentBDoc number of document B.String
dbSchemaDatabase schema. By default is set to “DOCSADM” if an empty string is passed.String
clientOptional parameter for the client codeString
projectOptional parameter for the project codeString

Rest Invoke

  • http://localhost:port/GSService/xml/ or http://localhost:port/GSService/json/
  • UriTemplate:
    • “/CreateRelation/?library={library}&user={user}&password={password}&docNumberA={docNumberA}& docNumberB={docNumberB}&dbSchema={dbSchema}&client={client}&project={project}”
    • “/CreateRelationDST/?library={library}&user={user}&dst={dst}&docNumberA={docNumberA}& docNumberB={docNumberB}&dbSchema={dbSchema}&client={client}&project={project}”


http://localhost:8732/GSService/xml/CreateRelation/?library=DMTESTLEGAL&user=admin&password=owc123&docNumberA=310& docNumberB=754&dbSchema=DOCSADM

The method returns 0 if the relation has been successfully created or -1, if the operation fails.

The method doesn’t check if documents exist in the library. This control will be included in future versions. The search methods can be used to check if the document exists.

DST Example

http://localhost:8732/GSService/xml/CreateRelationDST/?library=DMTESTLEGAL&user=admin&dst=afd448a5d0f9b...55355b8c677ad16&docNumberA=310& docNumberB=754&dbSchema=DOCSADM


As this method returns an integer, detailed errors can be found in the error log. See Appendix D for more information about the edocs.log file.