This method returns information about one document and also the document content in binary format.  DST must be provided.


libraryeDOCS libraryString
userUser nameString
passwordUser passwordString
formThe name of the form used to create new folders.String
docNumberDocument number. Only one document number is allowed.String
versionVersion number of the document. (1, 2, 3 …).Long
subVersionSubversion letter (A, B, C, …). No letter will be used by default.String
clientOptional parameter for the client codeString
projectOptional parameter for the project codeString

Rest Invoke

  • http://localhost:port/GSService/xml/ or http://localhost:port/GSService/json/
  • UriTemplate:
    • “/ShowDocument/?library={library}&user={user}&password={password}&form={form}&docNumber={docNumber}&version={version}&subVersion={subVersion}&client={client}&project={project}”
    • “/ShowDocumentDST/?library={library}&user={user}&dst={dst}&form={form}&docNumber={docNumber}&version={version}&subVersion={subVersion}&client={client}&project={project}”



The method returns XML containing:

  • The binary content of the document (Base64Binary).
  • Document Name.
  • Document size.

Note 1: if docNumber refers to a folder instead of a document, then the size is returned as “0”.

Note 2: the form field name is required because it is used by PCDSEARCH DM API object to locate the document to retrieve. The DM API doesn’t use the value provided in the parameter, however, it is mandatory to pass a value.

DST Example



If the search has no results the method returns “nil=true”. Detailed errors can be found in the error log. See Appendix D for more information about the edocs.log file.