How is eDOCS IS marketed?

Very often we ask ourselves what the marketing model of our integration framework is for OpenText eDOCS DM called eDOCS Integration Solution or eDOCS IS. Just like all our solutions, eDOCS IS grew out of real integration experiences in projects that required a rapid response to a common problem: the integration of eDOCS with third-party systems. Our focus was right in conceiving a product that could be used easily by any programmer, even if they didn’t know the particularities of the eDOCS API, which was based on standard web services and that will, in addition, provide atomic methods that, combined with each other, imbue the product with huge versatility and give flexibility to the integrator.

When we proposed the marketing model, we started with a similar focus. We didn’t want anything complex and we wanted to give businesses room for maneuver. Because of this, we created the standard pack, which includes two server licenses (one for production and the other for testing), a testing application for running trials and basic checks of results and access to the developer’s website. The production license has no limits in terms of the number of users, projects or DM libraries you want to access, so it can be reused for multiple simultaneous projects. With this focus, the same investment serves to streamline and manage different integration initiatives around eDOCS, getting the most out of the investment made in the document manager.

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