Why such a Google Gmail Integration

Long live email… specially Google Gmail… because… nowadays, without a shadow of a doubt, it is one of the most powerful tools a company can have. Given its global nature, we don’t even need to go into its benefits, we just have to close our eyes and imagine the mess if it broke down and stopped working…

Since most companies have entrusted the management of their email to on-premise solutions, primarily manufacturers such as Microsoft or Lotus Notes, ECM platform providers such as OpenText reacted in time ensuring that all this incoming and outgoing information could be imported and automatically become part of the organisation’s internal processes.

However, with the arrival of Cloud email, currently led by the likes of Google Gmail, things appear to be changing. More and more companies are turning to this new digital catalyst, the Cloud, and entrusting Google Gmail with managing their emails. So what’s happening to their established information technologies? Integrating their solutions so they adapt to new needs isn’t so easy and the noticeable desire for speed in this digital age, less so.

Luckily for OpenText devotees, with our Gmail Integration we have prepared the way for integrating the famed eDOCS DM document manager with this new reality. You don’t have to get rid of all the nice bits of this DMS again, all you in fact finally need is a single click to activate communication between eDOCS DM and Google Gmail. So, we have finally managed to combine efficient corporate document management with an email management service in the Cloud, creating efficient internal and external communication. So, although this is crucial to all sectors, it’s true to say that this Google Gmail integration is the Holy Grail for law firms.

A certain distrust, which you can understand, in storing sensitive information outside the company, added to the final decision-makers’ lack of technological knowledge, and successful cybernetic attacks aimed at companies like Adobe, Sony, eBay… or weaknesses such as those recently acknowledged by Netflix… have been the main factor in preventing the migration of their systems. However, companies are gradually beginning to see the huge benefits of Cloud services, including lawyers, and are accepting them.

We’d really like to tell you more about our integration solution between OpenText eDOCS DM and Google Gmail, as this year it’s loaded with new functions. So… here goes!

Hot Google Gmail Integration updates for OpenText eDOCS DM

As well as the possibility of saving emails in eDOCS DM from the Google Gmail user interface, attaching any documents to outgoing messages and labelling emails in the in-tray so you know which you have transferred from Gmail to the document manager and vice-versa, we have included the following capacities designed to improve the user’s experience (UX):

• Multi-user support. Integration with Google Gmail is ready to manage different Gmail accounts that have been integrated into eDOCS DM, working in several browser tabs simultaneously.

• Persistent login window.  The window that we have created to add user credentials is now persistent. This characteristic ensures that the information entered before the user makes a writing error is maintained, or if the user closes the window without including all the information needed to connect.

• Clearer messages for Google Gmail users, so that they know the status of their action at all times, eg: “the email has been saved successfully in eDOCS DM”, “3 eDOCS DM documents have been attached to the email”…

• Version control, so that an email can be saved in eDOCS DM as a version or subversion of other existing content and specific versions of documents can be attached to outgoing emails.

Besides this, imported emails are recorded in standard *.eml format so that once they have been imported from Google Gmail, they can be opened from eDOCS DM directly in MsOutlook or a website browser without losing the references to their attachments.

But that is not all, folks! Our Google Gmail integration team is working on the next versions where we’re thinking of including integration with Google Drive and including a navigation tree in the purest Dynamic Views style. These capacities will be complete for the last quarter of 2016. We can hardly wait to see them!

We encourage your feedback, suggestions and ideas for future hot updates!

Image: © genetsissolutions