This new version enables you to create seamless and fast integrations between Opentext eDOCS DM and 3ed party solutions

eDOCS IS is an easy to use Web Service based integration framework that helps you to extend the utilization of OpenText eDOCS DM in your organization.

In a constant process of improvement and evolution, we have developed and released the new eDOCS IS 16.5.1 version which takes advantage of the 100% of the OpenText eDOCS DM API.

Faster and more intuitive

This implementation reduces the number of SQL queries to the database allowing faster response and more effective results. Therefore the proccess of searching files is faster due the complete utilization of the API.

More methods

This version includes a set of new methods to easily manage workspaces, folders, activity logs, relations between document assets, client, matters…

It also provides integration to manage dynamic forms and includes new POST methods to upload and download documents, data and versions.

Installation and testing

The new version is fully compatible with OpenText eDOCS DM 16 and it will be aligned with all eDOCS DM 16 patches.

The installation is very simple and intuitive and it is done through a Windows service. Our “Testing Application” guarantees the connection between your application and the DM server, providing the capacity of use core methods of the framework in seconds.



All information for installation and methods consumption can be found in our developers portal.

If you want to update your versión or test it please, contact us!